Crab Claw Island

The build up has hit us pretty hard this year! No rain, no relief from this oppressive humidity…..

So what do you do when the air is so thick you can taste it? You go camping and fishing of course….but, with a little luxury called air conditioning. It was a weekend with perfect big tide movements and everyone wanted to get out of Darwin but limited time meant we had to camp somewhere fairly close (60 – 90 minutes drive max.).

Crab Claw is located on the Cox Peninsula, just 135km southwest of Darwin by road. They call it an island because it becomes inaccessible by road during extreme high tides.

There is a ‘resort’  which has elevated cabins overlooking the beach and lovely shaded walkways through the trees, there are 2 nice swimming pools, an open-air restaurant and bar with views across the harbour, shady powered campsites and a private boat ramp.

You can go bushwalking around the island, hunt for mud crabs, and when in season – watch the turtles lay their eggs on a nearby beach.  There are approx 30 species of fish in the harbour, including Barramundi and crab so you’re sure to catch something.

Unfortunately, we only caught a couple of cat fish that night, but we had a fantastic weekend with our friends and we’ll be back again – for sure!

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Resort on the beach
Crab Claw Island Resort


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