Darwin River Rocks

How lucky am I to have a birthday during the most beautiful weather in the NT and when there’s so much going on – it’s like Darwin saves up every event and just shoves it into May, June & July!

So my birthday weekend coincided with an ACDC tribute band playing at Darwin River – Heck Yes! In all my years living in the NT this was my first time there, I’d heard a few stories that it can be a bit rough and I’ll admit, I did hear dueling banjos as we pulled into the carpark, but once we set up camp and made our way to the Tavern for lunch I was hooked! I loved the place – the food was awesome and it was a little oasis of green in the middle of a great big dust bucket.

The band was amazing and we all rocked on until the wee hours of the morning, except the neighbours who I don’t think went to bed at all.

See you next year Darwin River!

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