Douglas Daly

RAW hit the road for a weekend camp at one of our favourite spots – Douglas Daly. You can camp at the camp ground with a powered site or you can rough it along the river and have a bit more peace and quiet.

We’ve been wanting to get a generator for our longer hauls and as a friend of ours owns Camping World Darwin, he put us onto a new Aussie Generator – Cromtech, I’ll admit we were a bit skeptical as we’d never heard of the brand and we’re all used to Yamaha or Honda. Anyway we took it for the weekend and cranked up the aircon – 20degrees and slept like babies all night.  We had bets in the morning to see how long the fuel would last and no one was even close – we got 13 hours out of this little baby – it’s a keeper!

Only criticism is that it’s a bit loud at night – easily solved – get a longer extension cord and hide it in the bushes – Bob’s your uncle.


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