The New Lifestyle Camper Trailer

The Jayco/shako (lovingly known as) had to go! The kids have grown up and moved on, so no need for 2 beds. Question now is – what to get? Do we go back to the campers or maybe even tents? I don’t think these knees and the back could take that, so we started looking at hybrids.

We’re not ready to be called grey nomads yet, and certainly don’t want to be towing monster vans! What we wanted had to be light, easy to tow and easy to set up. So after a lot of research (googling) as we don’t have the luxury of window shopping in Darwin, we decided on the Lifestyle Camper .

At first we fell in love with the Recon, but the price was well out of our range so we decided we’d start with the Breakaway Ultra and eventually make our way up from there. Don’t get me wrong – this hunk of metal and rubber started at $40K so it’s nothing to sniff at, but it ticked all the boxes:

  1. Air conditioner – so we can keep camping all year round.
  2. Electric roof (so we don’t have to manually raise it)
  3. Complete set up in less than 30 minutes
  4. Queen size inner spring mattress
  5. Not too heavy to tow – 1350kg TARE
  6. Awning – we opted for a wind out awning instead of the massive wrap around one that comes standard. We’ve seen what happens to people when they set up big awnings!
  7. Outside pull out kitchen
  8. Plenty of water storage – 2 tanks with a total of 200lt
  9. Plenty of storage.
  10. Australian made.

Steve did the massive drive from Darwin to Brisbane return (approx 7,000 km) and towed ‘My Chariot’ back. I met him in Mataraka or Elsey National Park as it’s known, which is about 1 hour south of Katherine and we spent Easter camping in the hottest weather I can remember, but we slept like babies with our air con running beautifully on 23 degrees.

I reckon we’ve been out every weekend exploring the camp sites around Darwin for either 1 or 2 night quick getaways – the Breakaway Ultra is that easy to set up, once you have a routine and your regular food and toiletries are already packed, it’s just a matter of packing the drinks, some perishables and we’re on our way.

If you’ve got any questions about any of the places we visit or the Lifestyle Camper drop us a line and we’ll help you out.




  1. Breakaway looks great. I am interested now that you have put some KM’s on it how its holding up qualitywise

    1. HI Damian,
      Sorry for very long delay in replying!
      We sold our break away – too many issues with the roof and the actuators. Did you end up buying one?

  2. Hi guys I have just purchased 2019 breakaway ultra.., interested in your air conditioning unit as to what sort and any idea of weight? Planning to do exactly what you are doing.

    1. Hi Graham,
      Apologies for the very long delay in replying – the air con was great, only a couple of minor issues which we were able to find someone to fix. However the weight of the aircon caused us more issues and added stress to the actuators.
      We’ve since sold our break away – don’t think we’ll go down that path again.

      How’s yours going?

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