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Before you even consider doing a road trip, you need to make sure the car is kitted out with every modkon you can get your hands on.

We have a 2011 Nissan Patrol (Diesel), the car itself is comfortable, but we knew it needed some alterations before we venture further than the Berrimah lights.

Steve had the following ‘improvements’ done to the car:

  1. Drawers added to the boot for extra storage
  2. Engel fridge fixed into the back which slides out on the drawer
  3. Coiled airbags in the rear wheels for heavy loads to balance weight and give clearance
  4. A larger exhaust system gives more power
  5. Electric tow brakes for the camper van
  6. Wired with anderson plugs to give power to the Jayco
  7. Pro Rack roof rack – incase we need extra storage space (ya think!)
  8. Spot lights to help with night driving Рsunrise & sunset can be a very dangerous time of the day to drive due to wildlife coming onto the road for warmth or moisture.

Fast Forward to 2016 and we have changed vehicles. We now own a Toyota Prado. 1 week after we picked the vehicle up, we were on the road to Alice Springs! Most people do a couple of hundred km’s in the first few weeks of owning a new car – we did 5,000km’s!

The Prado handled the load beautifully, but there’s a few things we have to improve on…Air bags for the rear suspension so the weight of the van doesn’t pull the back of the car down.

change the engel – we need a bigger fridge!


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