Home away from home

2015-07-25 15.37.42When we decided to purchase a campervan we were surprised by how many different types are available so plenty of research is needed to find the van that is right for you and your travels.

What we needed (wanted):

  1. 2 beds
  2. Lots of storage space
  3. Not too big (so it would fit in the garage and be easy to handle)
  4. Aircon & heating
  5. Must be off road

Our research on the internet showed the Jayco brand to be the most popular with very few negative comments, so we then had to decide on what model. The Jayco series have bird names – Swan, Eagle and even Penguin! visit the Jayco website: www.jayco.com

Living in Darwin, we didn’t have the luxury of visiting a Jayco dealer (there weren’t any when we started looking) to see the inside so we relied on the floor plans we could find on the internet, if you search google images for the year and model you should find designs to work with.

There were quite a few second hand vans for sale on gum tree so we then spent a lot of time speaking to each of the owners until we finally settled on a 2013 Eagle Outback for sale in Brisbane.

Next hurdle was how do we get our excited hands on our new toy! We could have put it on a truck and sent it home to Darwin but what’s the fun in that! So we did the next best thing and put our car on a truck to Brisbane, when the car arrived, we got on a plane and picked up the van for a 3 day road trip back to Darwin.

Too much fun, but it was a learning curve – right down to pulling up in a caravan park – we thought the concrete slab was for the van until we unpacked and noticed that everyone else had parked beside the slab!

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